Updated: 2010/01/05
trayicon object for Puredata
Display icons on the Windows tasktray, use it to control your patch.
Download from this page
"glMacro" object for Puredata/GEM
Converts macros listed in "gl.h" to floats
Download from this page
Playstation2 Controller interface library for Arduino
Connect 7 to 8 pins of your PS2 controller to your Arduino. This library will do the rest of the communication for you.
The current version supports key check, analog lever state check, vibration control, switch between analog/digital modes and method to lock it.
An article with details on using this library is here.
GPSX.zip (08/10/26)
MIDI IN/OUT library for Arduino
A library to ease building sketches that deal with MIDI. To manage incoming MIDI messages, you can set callback funtions to be called when messages such as Note on, CC and Sysex arrive.
An article with details on using this library is here.
GMidi.zip (08/10/26)
Native Instruments - Audio Kontrol 1 LED controller for Linux + Puredata(On it's way)
Korg PadKontrol I/O abstraction for Puredata
This Pd abstration lets you access most LEDs and I/Os on the Korg padKontrol. Unfortunately, I can only confirm it to work on recent builds of Pd running on Linux.