Updated: 2010/01/05

[trayicon] external for Puredata

Download trayicon.zip (16kb - Windows binary & source code)

This external is used to load a 16x16 pixel icon from *.ico files and displays it on the tasktray.
Whenever an additional icon is loaded, it is assigned a serial ID beginning at zero. Simply send the object a float representing the icon you want to display.
You can also load multiple icons in advanced and animate them.

The object includes some other features that may be useful to control and indicate the status of no-gui patches.

You can program messages to show on the tooltip which appears when the cursor is placed on the icon.

You can display a popup balloon with up to 5 words separated by spaces.
As shown in the images, floats must be converted to symbols.
(This restriction should be removed once I have a better understanding on writing externals)

"popup" messages add options to the popup window which appears by clicking on your icon.
When an item among the list is selected, the float associated with the selection is stored and will be output from the object the next time it receives a bang.
In the case of the above example, 32 will be output after selecting Item1 the next time it receives a bang.

Here is a demonstration of animation using multiple icons.
The example uses a checkbox to alternate between 0/1. However, there is no limitation on number of icons to load in a single object.

Please view the attached help file for other miscellaneous commands.