Updated: 2011/04/22
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About this site
This web site is maintained by a Linux & DSP (mainly Puredata) enthusiest, currently living in Kyoto Japan. Contacts are listed in the author page. After fiddling with such tools for a while, I have realized that some of the notes I have been taking to sort my own thoughts may be useful to others, so here they are made public.
Currently, most of the documents are to fulfil the lack of Japanese resources on Puredata & Arduino.
If you noticed the index of the English pages being shorter than the Japanese side of this site, don't worry, you are not missing a thing. Half of what I write is resource already available in English elsewhere on the Internet. I hope that things I do choose to write in English appear to be useful for my guests.
Update History
2011/04/22 Posted A study on plug-in effects and DAW project sample rates
2010/01/25 Posted "Scanned Synthesis IZIT" for Puredata
2010/01/05 Posted trayicon object for Puredata
2009/01/30 Updated glMacro object for Puredata/GEM
2009/01/24 Posted glMacro object for Puredata/GEM
2009/01/17 Posted Setting up a "Conferenece call" server using Asterisk
2008/11/26 Posted libmp3lame-0.dll on article page.
2008/10/29 Completed creation of Arduino MIDI libraries
2008/10/26 Launched English pages.
2008/10/01 Openned site.
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Articles Articles and How-tos I have written, mostly about Puredata & other audio software.
Libraries Libraries I have written to use with existing applications.
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