Updated: 2008/10/03
I go by multiple names for historical reasons. Mainly Gyokimae, PSPunch, or my name David Shimamoto
Currently working in the satellite broadcast industry.
Where I've lived
Lived in Nara, Japan up to graduating high school.
Spent four years in California Institute of the Arts, Music technology major(BFA)
I am now living in the southern end of Kyoto, Japan.
Musical Compositions
In my younger days I wrote songs more about my personal emotions (like other song writers do)
Since the 21st century and beyond, I have been writing more pieces for film and theatre.

Some works that are NOT listed in the Creations page
USEN (Cable radio station nation wide in Japan)
Channel K-48 Mama-nena I can do it (English program for kids)
Mainly mixing, wrote some of the background music, also attended as voice actor.
Sky Perfect TV! Channel NECO
Composed openning sequence for a Chinese drama. Forgot the title :-(
I play some synths and vocoders in a funk band FPR(Funky Pink Records)
After experimenting with setups, my current configuration is a single Roland JP-8080 and a Roland PC-180 MIDI keyboard.
Lately adopted the M-Audio MidAir, A nice piece of gear especially for the price.
Before this, I had occastional performances with an electo-accoustic guitar in the style of Michael Hedges.
Haven't done this in a while though.
Other web sites I own(ed)
Free videos to download and watch on your Sony PSP.
When learning that the gear was capable of playing MP4 files, I launched this site for my fellow film makers.
A few videos on this site have music composed by me.
Something I put together with my spare time in college.
Incomplete. A lot of the material is written from observation of NES emulators and perhaps lacks accuracy.
Tellog (Telephone blog) (abandoned Japanese site)
I once runned an Asterisk based system on a home server. The service allowed you to dial in, login using the dial pad, and make a voice recording which was automatically uploaded to your blog. By choosing number options, you could also select back ground music (or ambient noise for alibi) and add voice effects.