>> How to transfer MP4 files to your PSP.

First of all, you must prepare hardware to read your Memory Stick Duo on your PC. One way is to purchase a cable and connect your PSP via USB. You can also use a card reader to mount the Memory Stick Duo directly onto your PC. In any case, the storage space on the Memory Stick Duo should appear in "My Computer" as an external drive with a given "drive letter."

I. Transferring the files manually

II.Using freeware to transfer the files.

*Transfer the files manually

1. First in the root (top) directory of your Memory Stick Duo, create a directory named. "MP_ROOT"

2. Enter the directory you have just created. Inside it, create another directory this time named "101MNV01"

3. Any file placed under this directory will appear as a movie file when loaded in your PSP. However, the file names must be modified by the rules explained next. Movies are generally formed of two files of the same name but different extensions which are "MP4" and "THM". THM files are the thumb nail (preview) image files of the movie and are not mandatory,

4. Rename the file names as followed
The blue text is where you must enter a 5 digit number of your choice as long as they do not over lap with another file. Again, make sure that the THM files are set to the same name as the movie file.

*Using freeware to transfer the files.

Below is a freeware that assists you in this process. Just select a destination drive and drag the files you want to transfer on to the application. Although the program is only in Japanese, you might have some benefit of it if you happen to have a PC with a Japanese Windows installed on hand.

"PSP_MFCopy_14.zip" (for Japanese Windows Only)