* PSP related applications

Keitai Douga
Henkan Kun

(Win) A freeware to convert movie files to MPEG4 format compatible with the PSP.
All movies on this site are converted in
using this application.

PSP Douga
Tensou kun
(Win) A freeware to assist transfering and renaming movie files to view on your PSP.
iPSP (Mac OSX) An application to assist exchanging multimedia files between your PSP and Mac. (Share ware)
Xlink Kai (Multi) This application allows you to establish connections for multiplayer games over the internet. I've almost got a game started but lost connection, probably because of my lousy ISP.

* CGI related

Kent Web


A resource of free CGI written in Perl. Among a wide variety of BBS scripts supplied here, "Aska BBS" was used as a bases to create the BBS of this site.


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