*About this site

This web site is a co production of

Studio Gyokimae (Planning, Organization)
Lap-Top_Design (Web site design)

We put together this site to offer a space for film creators to distribute their work and PSP users to get nifty short films to store in their extra memory of their PSP.

The site is printed in two languages; Japanese & English. Most contents are identical except for the BBS which are completely separated.

We are seeking films!

PSPunch.com is always seeking films to be posted on its web site. Works from creators of all nationalities are appreciated.


1. Contents must be for all ages and should not violate any existing copy rights.
2. This site is intended for film creators to present their work. This does NOT include accidental films such as "funny home videos" type images.
3. All films will be checked by our staff to make sure they qualify for the above conditions. We currently have no plans to prepare an uploader for users to post their files with out them being checked.


Method 1. Upload your file

Contact us by e-mail and we will issue a temporary account on our FTP server. The file will be examined and then posted on our web site.

Method 2. Mail in your mini DV tape.

I have a mini DV player I can capture and encode files with.

Japanese residence:

If you request to have your tape returned, please include an envelope with your return address and stamps of the necessary shipping cost.

Posts from outside of Japan:
Please be aware that your tapes will not be returned.

In any case, I will do my best to take care of the posted tapes but will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused during shipping.

*Last but not quite the least.

1. Ever since Macromedia Flash has become a standard web technology, I have noticed influences of vector based design in many areas of the real world. I encourage film artist, mainly live action and animators to take full advantage of this channel to promote your work.

2. As a musical composer myself, I truly feel sorry and would like to apologize that all submitted works WILL be categorized under a certain genre to ease our maintenance. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


*Exclusion clause
PSPunch.com and their staff will take no responsibility of any damage or loss caused by files or information placed on this web site.
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